Authors: Mike


In the fall of 2002 one very bored individual,with the assistance of a substantial amount of alcohol, created what is now called The Anger Parade. Ever on the vigil for new members of his growing army of like minded individuals, Mike works from his base on the AP to push his awe inspiring, often misunderstood, vision in truly overwhelming fashion. Can I borrow some quarters for laundry?

Height: 6' 0"        
Weight: 185 lbs when dripping with the blood of the infidel
Bats: Switch

Founded "Detroit City: New Mecca of Man" *not affiliated with the city of Detroit*
Author and Producer of both Hard Sextacy and Hard Sextacy DoEs
Champion of the Compound
Leader of the Revolution

Nakamura Puffy Head, Best Cat Ever
Tijuana Mommas